Press Release03/17

Mberengwa Construction Project

MashMo Expands Multi-Family/Company Housing Portfolio

MashMo Land Investment Private Limited Delivers 43-new MineLuxury workers shelter and state of the art administration office apartments.This is thecompany’s third Project in 3 Year History with Tangible land development vision.

Mberengwa – MashMo Land Investment Private Limited is set to embark on a MberengwaMine Construction project,where it is to construct luxury apartment buildings in Dunning Mine of Mberengwa. The development represents an exciting step in MashMo’s diversification of its portfolio into multi-family housing.

In its second phase of the project Dunning would want to embark on the provision of infrastructure in the form of office and workshop spaces, training rooms, exhibition rooms, warehouse/storerooms, facilities such as parking, cafeteria and information resource centre.

Sunday the 20th of August 2017 marked the beginning of the Company’s Dunning Mine project operation. MashMo’s Chief executive officer, Robson Vunganai and the site survey team typically did field surveys for staking and layout.

The first phase of the Mberengwa project will see MashMo constructing sixteen workers houses, 8 directors’ houses and several administration offices. With effect from September 4 2017 we are expecting to commence the construction project at the mine owned by an Indigenous Female Miner,Mrs GetrudeMtsweni.

“I am far more impressed to witness MashMo conforming to its 2014 to 2018 Strategic Plan. We have moved successfully from the dark days of the mortgage crisis and the Great Depression under the name MashMo Land investment Trust to a robust housing market and a rebranded MashMo Land Investment Pvt (Ltd) housing company that is well-positioned for a strong future”.

“We are pleased to share our vision which reads “Our Vision Your Home”, as per our 2014-2018 Strategic Plan that seeks to we help Zimbabwe build strong futures through affordable housing.

Although our Strategic Plan initially anticipated a strong economy and elite housing market, we recognized the growing number of low income earningfamilies and individuals that struggle to afford the place they call home, MashMo decided to broaden its operation scope.”

“We believe thathaving an affordable, stable home is the foundation for success. This Plan focuses on serving the housing needs of individuals, families and communities that are underserved.

“As MashMo we recognize the systemic and institutional barriers people face in seeking safe, stable and affordable housing, and we will work to remove these obstacles”.

On the 4th of September Dunning Mine will celebrate thebeginning of their new buildings construction with a ground-breaking ceremony.


Dumisani Ndlovu

 (Public Relations officer)


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